love yourself

October 1, 2013

understand that love is a reaction. when you love somebody, you have no need for reason—no need to know why you love a person, because once you have had that reaction, it is the most natural and obvious thing in the world.

nevertheless, when someone loves you, it is not always so easy to accept. we want to know what a person loves about us, why they love us. if you are asking those questions, then one thing is clear: you have not yet learned to love yourself. 

if you do not love yourself, or know how to love yourself, loving another person is a harder thing to do. if you love yourself, then you can be confident in and trust another’s love for you, but if you do not love yourself, then you will question that person’s love; you will not believe that love; you will not trust that person.

if you want to feel the truest, purest love, you must learn to love yourself, cleanse yourself of insecurities and self-hatred, that you can understand how someone can love you. then and only then can you trust their love and fully, completely love them back. 



July 19, 2012

For many of us, life is about growth, about improving and bettering ourselves. That can mean a couple of different things.

For some, it means that every day is practise for the next, forthe test that is to come. For others, like me, it means that every day is a test, a chance to prove how we have learned from and improved on yesterday.

Of course, these tests aren’t pass/fail; they’re marks of progress. I don’t expect to be perfect but I do hope to be moving in the right direction. So to any of you who have expected more from me, whom I have disappointed or let down in some way, know that I endeavour every day to be better.

-D&W 2012


September 3, 2011

He who does not question his faith is blind,
He who does not question his god is a slave,
He who does not question himself is a fool.


August 2, 2011

Take a moment every day to consider
what you have learned, what you have achieved,
what you have given and what you have received.

Karma, Fate, Luck

May 3, 2010

I have been putting a lot of thought over the last year into what these words mean to me. I say to me because with everything that I believe, I also believe that anything is open to interpretation; what I believe is not necessarily right, and what you believe doesn’t have to be wrong just because you disagree with me.

I only recently worked out how all these things could co-exist and still fit into my beliefs, though I always believed in each of them individually. Here follows some thinking out loud that deals with this.

That which you do to others, you do to yourself.

Of the three words – Karma, Fate, Luck – the most important to me is Karma. However, I feel it is very important that I clarify exactly what I define as Karma, since I’m quite sure it is different to what most people think.

The main principle of my Ripple theory is that every encounter we have affects all parties involved. As a simple example, the way you greet a person can affect their mood for the rest of the day.

The consequent principle is that these encounters affect following encounters and so it goes on. Therefore, the way you greet a person can affect the way he greets the next person, etc. This is the principle that feeds my belief in Karma; I believe that the collective moods created as a result of your initial encounter will eventually have an affect on you again. This chain reaction may come back to you quickly or after a long time. Ultimately: if you do good things, good things will be done to you, etc.

Everything that happens to you is a result of everything you have already done.

This is where the other words come in. I will first discuss Fate.

Every decision that you make, good or bad, changes the world around you, for better or for worse. Every action has a reaction, etc. Therefore, my concept of fate is that everything you do creates a chain of events so that at that very instant, everything that has happened has lead to this moment and everything that will happen is unfolded. In that instant, eternity exists. Therefore, the things that happen to you are the results of actions and decisions you made in the past. This then defines that everything you do is predestined by the things you have already done, etc.

You provide your own momentum; you are your own destiny.

Confused? Welcome, Luck.

I don’t quite believe that everything is already decided, the way the last paragraph indicates. I believe that there are some random events that can change everything. These random events include natural occurrences, such as weather. These things are called ‘acts of God‘ by many.
Also, your own projection of encounters, your Ripple, comes into contact with other people’s Ripples. These things are out of your control. Where other people’s Ripples, cross or align with yours, they contribute to the mood of the involved individuals. Thus, the projection from your initial encounter is changed with each subsequent encounter. I call this Luck. So now, your actions are in fact only partially the cause of that which happens to you. The rest is decided by others. Of course, they may have never met you and likely do not realise how their decisions are affecting you, as you might not realise how your decisions likewise affect many others whom you have never met.

If a butterfly flaps its wings, etc.

This shows how Luck, Fate and Karma are not – by my interpretation, at least – mystical forces that ebb and flow throughout the fabric of life, but rather the names given to a series of very tangible encounters amongst people and the effects they have on the rest of the world. Everyone is involved and anyone could be a part of your Ripple.

Out of Body

April 17, 2010

Recently, I have been feeling something that I haven’t felt for a while. It is difficult to explain because I can’t quite focus on it myself.
I have been getting this feeling that I am not me. That this is not real. That the things around me are not really there.
It includes a kind of faint dizziness, and a feeling of distance from myself and those around me. For the duration, everything seems surreal and hopelessly futile.
I imagine it is similar to what an out of body experience feels like. I wouldn’t know.
It can last for a few seconds or persist for a few hours.

Watch this space for thoughts, poetry, doodles and anything else that falls out of my head.
I don’t claim that it will all be good or interesting nor do I make apologies when it is not.
Come on in, have a look around. Feel free to judge, but do not expect to be treated lightly in response.